Governance and Board Development

Board members are part-time amateurs overseeing the work of full-time professionals which, by definition, takes a certain amount of hubris.

Richard Chait, author and professor, Harvard University

The governing body that holds ultimate accountability for your organization is comprised of volunteers. These leaders—trained and untrained—have a professional job to do and sometimes need help in assessing or enhancing their effort. With an approach rooted in best practices, we can help your board—and board members—better appreciate and execute their responsibilities.

Perhaps your board needs clarity about its role or guidance in adjusting board, committee, and staff functions to reflect organizational capacity. Perhaps it’s time to evaluate board performance and convene the board for a planning retreat. Perhaps you need new board members or plans for officer and/or executive succession.

When your board seeks customized support in enhancing the governance function, we offer help through:

  • Facilitation and Design Board Retreats
  • Board Assessment
  • Board Development Activities
  • Board Member Recruiting and Officer Succession
  • Executive Succession Planning
  • Executive Search and New Leader Integration
  • Board Chair Coaching
  • Board Training