Organizational Effectiveness

Of all the innovative practices I've witnessed...potentially the most powerful is the rapidly-spreading acknowledgement among nonprofits and funders that organizational capacity does indeed matter.

Susan Kenny Stevens, author, Nonprofit Lifecyles

Organizations face critical junctions all the time. Changes in leadership, gaps in resources, and shifts in market need continuously threaten and drive organizations not necessarily to grow, but to evolve. With expertise in organizational development, the Stamm Consultancy can help you appreciate the opportunities inherent in each stage of organizational evolution.

Sometimes it’s about alignment of culture and infrastructure with goals and stage of development. Sometimes it’s about getting the right people on the team. Sometimes it’s simply that something seems wrong, even though everyone seems right.

Whenever your organization needs guidance in navigating through its evolution process, we offer help through:

  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Facilitation of Staff Retreats and Focus Groups
  • Management Team Building
  • Staffing and Staffing Design
  • Hiring Process Design and Improvement